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Music and Timelessness

Symbol picture for eternity

Music has a dimension in time

Music touches our inner self so intensively because it is four-dimensional. Music is not just a static object of now. It has a distribution over time. One cannot get the essence of a melody by listening to each actual tone. The tones of the melody get their meaning by correlating with their previous part of the melody only and also by the expectations of what is next to come. A melody consists of past presence and future So even a pause within a melody which would be just nothing if viewed separately, has an important meaning within the context of the melody.

The spiritual ’now’ is timeless

Music gives us the experience of the spiritual dimension of our life: Life is not a loose sequence of separated events. It must be seen as wonderful performance of our soul. Our soul is sound! We need to recognize the timeless dimension of our life. Some religions call it eternity. However eternity is not to come somewhere in the future. It is here and now. We need to understand that our day to day moments are part of our timeless performance as a part of the timeless universe.

The timeless meaning of dark moments
Thus even extremely dark moments in our life like loneliness, separation and death get their meaning, if we see them from the timeless perspective.  Like the pauses or very short notes within a melody which seem to be worthless, are essential parts of the wonderful performance of our living.

Relief from time-linear thinking
So music helps us to get beyond rational, time-linear logical thinking which divides time into past which is gone forever, present which is the only thing which matters and future which is uncertain and not existing yet towards the spiritual timeless language of our heart which understands the harmony and peace of the timeless being.

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