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Immortality Explained

In medieveal times humans saw the earth as the center of the universe. However men like Kopernikus, Kepler and Galilei shattered this view of the world derived from human experience. Finally even religions had to accept this new realtity and they adapted their beliefs to this new worldview.

Today Einstein's theory of relativity again changes the perception of our universe fundamentally. Our world has time as a fourth dimension. This implies a entirely new view of time, eternity, infinty and immortality! It is about time that even religions recognize these insights and advance their beliefs and teachings accordingly.

The Video 'Immortalty Explained' provides an easy access to this new view of the world. It gives hope and encourages to challenge inherited beliefs. It guides us to a better and deeper understanding of age-old timeless spiritual wisdom and helps  to see it from a new perspective.

"Flatland" is based on a novel published in 1884 by Edwin Abbott Abbott under the pseudonym A. Square . In 2007 based on this novel an animation video was created.

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