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Lyrics of Timeless Blue songs

Fly Away​

Now leave behind your sorrow
Break free and fly away 
Don't care about tomorrow 
Just watch the endless sky

Now spread your wings ascending
Rejoice in weightless glide
Feel happiness unending
Your heart sings open wide

Fly away like a bird
fly away and break your chains 
and you find all happiness in the endless blue

© 2018 Tonio Fruehauf


Longing for your love
has changed my way of life
trying to survive
the storms of fear and hope

Longing for your kiss
the one that never ends
easing all that pain
which tortures me

Timeless eternity the source of true lasting love
will hold us protecting us until the end of time

Longing to be your friend,
who stays all your life
who guards you against fear
and fights the scary world

© 2019 Tonio Fruehauf

Timeless Love

You had to go

I miss you so

Alive within my senses

Love blind

A mount we climbed

And found a love so true

And both we knew

No one could take away

From us this time

Yesterday is never lost

And lasts in our hearts

You must know

When falling in timeless love


Eternity infinity

No time can take away

Our loved-ones

Our guard

From being hurt

By the fading time

Light on the shine

Of the almightiness

Of timeless love

Yesterday is never lost

And lasts in our hearts

You must know

When falling in timeless love

True love is our guard

In space and time

And will always last

Beyond the stream

of ever fleeting time

Today the past futurity

They are only notes

Within life's grand symphony

© 2022 Tonio Fruehauf.

Liberation Dream​

Endless forever we work and fight 
Longing for freedom and peace, 
Endless forever we hope an wait
Liberation is a dream

We all we long for freedom
And hope that it will be
We dream about the future 
And try to find the key 
We believe into tomorrow
And our pain will end

© 2009 Tonio Fruehauf

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