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Portrait of Tonio Th. Fruehauf

Timeless Blue:
A music label for romantic meditative music

It was founded  ​by the German composer, songwriter and artist Tonio Th. Fruehauf

He was always fascinated by sound waves and their influence on emotions and well-being. So music and sound accompanied him all his life. He deepened his knowledge about waves and communications by getting an engineering degree in communication sciences.  He plays several music instruments but he also tried to reveal the sound of objects like electronic circuits  and designed early electronic music instruments. A crucial motivation was his contact to the Computer Music Department (CCRMA) at  Stanford University in Palo Alto in 1984 during a three years stay in Silicon Valley in California.

Simultaneously he developed an high interest in philosophy, religion and particularly in the nature of time. After the experience of a successful professional life as an Engineer, Inventor, Marketing Manager, and Strategy Consultant in 2009 he was searching for a higher level of insight and developed his 'Timeless' philosophy. Therefore he changed his focus from business to a more spiritual life and founded  the music label "Timeless Blue" with the purpose of composing and producing romantic, spiritual and meditative music in order to spread his "Timeless" philosophy. His goal is to guide the spiritual path between his music and the higher timeless reality of the universe which we can experience within our hearts only.

TV-Interview (in German)

from Feb. 23 2019

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