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April 20. 2022

New Album 'Blue Times' released

Currently online only available

April 20. 2022

New Song 'Timeless Love' released

Redesign website and adding a lyrics page

September 26, 2021

Video Link 'The Illusion of Time' added

A path to a new way of thinking

September 12. 2021

Single "Fly Away" released

Fly away and forget everything


April 26. 2019

Single 'Moon Harp' released

A romantic orchestral piece dedicated to the magic atmosphere of a full moon night.

September 15, 2018

New Song 'Longings' released

The highly talented Makedonian singer Andrijana Janevska brings a new interpretation of my favoured song 'Longings' into the world! With her beautiful emotional voice she expresses deepest longings and hidden passion. Just perfect...

The song is available now on all major platforms for streaming and download.

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