Album ‘Blue Times’

The album 'Blue Times'

is a collection of dreamy romantic music. It is still in preparation. However some songs  are available for listening already.

The 'Moon Harp' story

If someone with the pure and innocent heart of a child watches the moon in the starry sky one can hear the moon harp playing softly. This myth inspired the composition of 'Moon Harp' which expresses the overwhelming emotions arising in a magic silent fullmoon night from the depths of our souls.  Feelings of a soft distant yearning to a powerful and painful passion suppressed for so long are painted in a sequence of beautiful romantic musical scenes.

Black Beauty Cover
African Dream Cover


Black Beauty                African Dream          Moon Harp

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Celestial Home Cover
Blue Crystal Flute Cover

Celestial Home          Blue Crystal Flute    Longings

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Longings Cover
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